early age proclivity towards the arts led me on to pursue my undergraduate degree in design at the ︎︎︎National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, India with a specialisation in Lifestyle Products. After a short stint in luxury lighting with Swarovski,  I volunteered to work on design and marketing at my parent’s humble furniture manufacturing setup. This step sowed a seed for my future endeavours as a design entrepreneur with the launch of Studio Wood, a boutique furniture and space design agency which I co-founded with designers, Sahej Bhatia and Navya Aggarwal in 2014.
the multidisciplinary nature of my practise has given me a voice in the growing design fabric of our country along with recognition from International platforms such as ︎︎︎Wanted Design - New York and ︎︎︎Salone Satellite - Milan to name a few.

with my academic leap to the ︎︎︎Rhode Island School of Design, my projects and research are catered towards using design for good.

featured below are my latest projects that include a glimpse into my thesis research that questions the ignorance and continued exploitation of lesser-known wetland ecosystems situated between two geographical contexts; from the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans to the salt marshes of Rhode Island.

︎︎︎view archived projects from 2014-2020

climate change, community engagement, gender equality, ecology, wetlands, human-nature relationship, speculative design, art, landscapes,