Vrinda Mathur

objects, spaces, stories

I was first introduced to the concept of design when my family was building a home in the forested hills of Kumaon in Northern India. I vividly remember the many summers we spent mulling over hand drawn blueprints or scouting the local markets in search of indigenous building materials. My day would set around a bonfire discussing Laurie Baker’s notable rat-trap bond, frugal ways of floor laying and designing wall finishes with broken glass. 
Early age proclivity towards the arts led me on to pursuing my undergraduate degree in design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, India with a specialisation in Lifestyle Products. After a short stint in luxury lighting with Swarovski,  I volunteered to lend a helping hand at my parent’s humble furniture manufacturing setup. This step sowed a seed for my future endeavours as a design entrepreneur with the launch of Studio Wood, a boutique furniture and space design agency which I co-founded with my friends and fellow design enthusiasts, Sahej Bhatia and Navya Aggarwal in 2014.
The multidisciplinary nature of my practise has given me a voice in the growing design fabric of our country along with recognition from International platforms such as Wanted Design - New York and Salone Satellite - Milan to name a few; While I am grateful for the recognition received for my commercial body of work, I aspire to hone my creative abilities to analyse larger humanitarian problems and be able to test and adapt to global concerns of today and the coming ages.
Currently grappling with a Pandemic and attempting my academic leap of faith with a Masters in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. 
I will be spending the summer of 2021 as a RISD Maharam Fellow, working with Social Enterprise Greenhouse, a non profit based in Providence, RI to assist on projects in the realm of community empowerment through the lens of a changing climate. With the fellowship, I hope to bring voices of historically excluded and marginalised communities to the forefront and amplify systemic inequities that continue to weaken their stature as a stakeholder in climate action policies. Follow my journey on www.risdmaharamfellows.com.
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