designer - researcher - strategist

Vrinda Mathur is a creative practitioner driven by purpose, innovation, and impact. She works on research-based design projects that open the dialogue to larger humanitarian and ecological concerns of today. A storyteller at heart with a strategic mind, she communicates effectively and organizes complex problems into actionable interventions set to provoke, empower, and shift mindsets.

Marking a decade-long conversance with design, Vrinda’s work spans across furniture design, interior spaces, experiential design, visual design, and speculative design projects. She is an entrepreneur (on hiatus) from Studio Wood, a boutique design agency handcrafting quality furniture and interior spaces in Delhi, India.

During her time as a graduate student of Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, Vrinda was awarded several prestigious fellowships and scholarships, including the RISD Fellowship, Maharam Fellowship, Hyundai Research Fellowship, Fred M Roddy Scholarship, and an award for Experiments in Structure, Biomimicry, and Energy.

When not thinking about design, she teleports to an alternate universe surrounded by plants, Hindi music, and deliciously cooked meals, courtesy of her mother’s incredible recipes.

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“I was first introduced to design when my family was building a home in the forested hills of Kumaon in Northern India. I vividly remember the many summers we spent mulling over hand drawn blueprints or scouting the local markets in search of indigenous building materials. My day would set around a bonfire discussing Laurie Baker’s notable rat-trap bond, frugal ways of floor laying and designing wall finishes with broken glass.”