climate change + gender equality + global south + migration + gamification + graphic design + experience design


Entitled uses gamification strategies to raise awareness about the gendered impacts of climate change by elucidating the disparity between men and women in underprivileged communities of the Global South.

Exhibited as part of Feminized at the Gelman Gallery, RISD Museum  

Dawn breaks but in shades of gloom, an overcast intimidates
thunderous skies and downpour, roaring rivers meet with rainfall, crawling onto the earth, a distant whimpering, continued thunders, water now begins to knock at the warped doors.

Women are subjected to increased inequality in situations of a natural disaster—unequal distribution of food, child marriage, domestic violence, rape and harassment are experienced disproportionately.

Using everyday chores as prompts, the game sheds light upon socially constructed gender roles and stereotypes expected of women in a time of crisis which further exacerbate their lack of agency and chance for survival.

Poster designed for web and print on SketchUp, Illustrator, Photoshop ︎︎︎

Research + Experiments

Making of the game

The concept is inspired by a game of snakes and ladders where players roll dice and move as many steps forward leading to an upward ladder or a downward snake. In this game, there are different situations on the 4 x 4 grid. Each situation is born out of thorough research and reflects gender bias and inequality faced by women during a climate crisis. This makes it impossible for them to reach point B or if they do, then with a number of challenges and obstacles along the way, making it a visceral map of inequities.

Crowdsourced grid imaging to make the game open source ︎︎︎

Prototyping + Testing

  • Plaster of paris, sand, foam core, rocks
  • Phone with dice app or D4 dice
  • Custom card deck

Insights & Learnings

Since the project was undertaken remotely, channels such as Miro and Zoom were used for user testing and recording feedback. In four test games with eight different players, there was a palpable switch in emotions before and after play. 


“Felt good about winning especially coming from behind”
“I lost but I was happy for my friend”
“I was sad to loose”

“I felt guilty”
“We need to level the playing field”
“It was unfair”
By gamifying research on an crucial topic such as the impacts of climate change on gender, I was able to communicate the research in a way that was non-didactic and encouraged emotional and behavioural change amongst the audience

Visual identity

Designed in hindi, urdu and bangla script

Feminized: Entitled showcased as part of an exhibition at the RISD Museum

Outside the box

Entitled was envisioned as a two part project that would both help educate the general public about the invisible ties between climate change and gender as well as be used as a tool for self realization and empowerment for women and young girls in displacement camps.

If you are interested in knowing more about this project or contributing in ways it could reach a wider audience, drop a line on vmathur@risd.edu