i. Material Experiments 

Biocomposite experiments with invasive reed grass or phragmites sourced from the salt marshes of Rhode Island. 

︎︎︎ Sourcing phragmites︎ 41°43'44.3"N 71°19'16.1"W

︎︎︎L-R adding the measured ingredients ︎︎︎ boiling at 70º ︎︎︎ de-stemmed phragmites poured into the mixture into a petri dish ︎︎︎ first sample after 19.5 hour dehydration process

︎︎︎L-R phragmites de-stemmed and blended ︎︎︎ added to the mixture ︎︎︎ results

This recipe is adapted from ︎︎︎Materiom.org

Bio plastic sheets with food grade coloring ︎︎︎                                                                                                                              Experiments on the laser cutting machine ︎︎︎

Papermaking with Phragmites stock ︎︎︎