“I was first introduced to the concept of design when my family was building a home in the forested hills of Kumaon in Northern India. I vividly remember the many summers we spent mulling over hand drawn blueprints or scouting the local markets in search of indigenous building materials. My day would set around a bonfire discussing Laurie Baker’s notable rat-trap bond, frugal ways of floor laying and designing wall finishes with broken glass.”

Talk to me about, design, innovation, ecology, public engagement, social impact, climate narratives, books, and mountain rains.

Vrinda Mathur is a creative problem solver working at the intersection of design, ecology, and public engagement projects. She has a decade-long conversance with designing objects, spaces, and experiences through her design practise, Studio Wood, co-founded in 2014 in India. 

She has a stronghold in design research, storytelling, opportunity mapping, acknowledging and responding to an audience’s needs using both a creative and analytical approach, and working collaboratively across all parts of the process, in epiphanies and failures alike.

b. 1991, ever evolving

M.ID, Rhode Island School of Design, United States • 2020-2022

B.Des, National Institute of Fashion Technology, India
• 2009-2013

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