ceramics + objects + 3D printing + material play + art

Craft Meets Tech

Digital ceramics // 3D printed ceramic objects

Digital ceramics is the coming together of my passion and admiration for the medium of clay with a yearning to learn new ways of integrating technology in my practise. The objects I designed were mapped on Rhinocerous 3D and printed on the Potterbot through Ultimaker Cura. I worked with stoneware, porcelain, and terracotta to create artistic pieces inspired by the innate fluidity of the material. A range of glazes and firing techniques including pit firing, raku firing, and soda firing were applied.

︎︎︎ porcelain with imprints ︎
Terracotta, a material so immanently Indian. One that I identify deeply with our craft and vernacular. I wanted to explore simple forms with soft manipulations and then followed these explorations.

︎form exploration with terracotta ︎︎︎

︎ preparing the kiln with soda bricks and firewood for an overnight pit fire ︎︎︎